Online Life Coaching
with Selen Yesilada

It’s possible to have a healthier, more authentic, and fulfilling journey. Let’s understand and navigate life’s challenges as a team!
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"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?"
— Rumi

What is Life Coaching?
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Life coaching is a collaborative process that helps you achieve goals, resolve problems, and increase the quality of life.
As a life coach...
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🍃 I’m not an advocate of the hustle culture; I believe in the power of balance.
🍃 I excel at fostering health, authenticity, and meaningful joy.
🍃 I prioritize the long term, one day at a time.
🍃 I believe true positive change begins with unconditional acceptance of what is.
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What do clients say about our work together?
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Thanks to our coaching collaboration, I've stopped smoking, understood myself much more—debugging my life, increased my self-respect, and gotten healthier. Already super crazy achievements!
— Kamal, developer
Honestly I’ve been to many psychiatrists and psychologists and none of them connected with me from the first session like you did. Some of them never connected ever. You’re incredibly talented. You touched my soul because of your transparency and genuineness from the start.
— Nada, mom
After our conversation, I started to take the necessary steps, and life and opportunities started to flow towards me! I am very lucky to know you, but I am especially lucky to have the sweetest person in my life who knows me so well, believes in my dreams, and sheds light on my path to achieve them!!
— Emre, project manager
I love that you call it coaching collaboration because it’s exactly how it feels. The difference it's making is really in the subtleties of my inner dialogues, and I believe it's because of the space held every week for my inner turmoil. It puts things into a much clearer perspective that allows them to be transformed into at least a different shape.
I have also noticed how I am talking and sharing so much less with the people around me, not in a bad way, but in a comfortable way. It doesn't feel like I have the need to be understood and praised for my insights about myself, which I believe was a recurring theme. This oversharing sometimes took a lot of the energy I need to carry on or stay consistent. It's like those weekly calls are restoring and holding the space needed for my inner transformation.
Lastly, it is holding me accountable for my self-care and wellness. I have a weekly reminder to take care of myself even if I have a down week, which happens sometimes. But it's such a great push to get back on track.
— Nivan, yoga teacher
It’s easier for me to stick with new routines and stay motivated. After a few weeks, I already feel much stronger within my body. Also, I connect with myself at a deeper level and understand some behaviors of mine better.
— Franka, entrepreneur
Life is not what happens to you,
it's what you do with what happens to you.
Life is not what happens to you,
it's what you do with what happens to you.
Can life coaching be of help to you?
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Are you free from addictions that negatively affect you and those around you?
Do you equip yourself with structures and tools that prevent fear, stress, and anxiety from ruling your life?
Does your life represent the true you—in all personal, professional, and social aspects?
Are you able to protect your boundaries, say ‘No’ when necessary, and prioritize your needs?
Are you able to express yourself authentically in your interactions with others?
Do you give yourself the consistent physical and psychological care you need?
Is your life structured in alignment with what brings out the best in you?
If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions above, let’s discuss it further to help you facilitate progress  
Frequently Asked Questions

How does life coaching differ from therapy or counseling?

Life coaching is more action-focused and result-oriented. It aims to provide you with practical tools and strategies that you can implement right away to facilitate and sustain positive change in your life. Above all, life coaching offers assisted accountability needed to turn your visions into reality.

What does life coaching involve?

Online Life Coaching with Selen Yesilada includes:
✓ Regular Calls: Personalized one-on-one sessions via 60-minute video call at a frequency based on individual preferences and availability.
✓ Coaching Journal: An accountability tool designed based on individual needs, goals, and areas of reflection.
✓ Sustained Support: An ongoing connection between the coach and the client through the coaching journal and messaging services on the utilized platform.

How often and in what format sessions are conducted?

The frequency of coaching sessions is set by the client depending on their preferences and availability, and sessions are conducted online, via Google Meets.

How long does life coaching typically last?

The duration of life coaching depends on individual goals and circumstances, varying from a few sessions to long-term collaboration to address more complex challenges.

What happens if I don't see results or if I'm not satisfied with the coaching?

To stay aligned and on top of our coaching collaboration, I regularly invite you to assess our coaching process to adjust strategies as needed. However, if you decide that the coaching process isn't working for you and have already paid for forthcoming sessions, I’ll refund the payment for any remaining sessions.

Is life coaching confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of the coaching relationship. I, as a life coach, am bound by ethical guidelines to maintain strict confidentiality regarding all client interactions and information shared during sessions.
It’s possible to have a healthier, more authentic, and fulfilling journey.
Let’s understand and navigate life’s challenges as a team!

More about me...
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I am a caring person who finds meaning in helping others. I love animals. I practice what I preach. I've always been obsessed with learning about the human psyche. I feel at peace when I move my body frequently and in various ways.

I spent years chasing toxic connections under the name of love. I struggled with alcohol addiction in the pursuit of authentic expression. Having re-learned what love truly is and freed myself from addiction to alcohol, I still wrestle with feelings of inadequacy and work on expressing myself authentically.

I studied product design and worked as a UX researcher. I designed and crafted pieces of jewelry, and launched my jewelry line, HETI. As a yoga teacher, I've built an audience online, created digital courses, and traveled around Europe organizing workshops to handstand with those of other enthusiasts. Through Life’s unexpected intervention, I found myself in the midst of a career transition—I wrote about it comprehensively in this blog post. Today, as a life coach, I’m eager to share my experience, knowledge, and skills to help others lead healthy, authentic, and fulfilling lives.

Currently, I reside in Cyprus, sharing life with my partner and our furry babies, NoMad Paws. I spend most of my time reading, writing, cleaning, gardening, and taking care of my family. I’m still a dedicated yoga practitioner who finds immense joy floating in handstands. Expanding my meditation practice, learning Russian, improving my coaching practice, and becoming a mother are among my dearest long-term intentions.
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No cats were harmed during this photoshoot 😄
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