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Because when you feel better, EVERYTHING is better.
While sitting in front of computers make our bodies weak and stiff,  "smart" living makes our brains lazy.
As a result, we get injured, feel unsafe, stress out, perform with unclear minds, and fail to be the best versions of ourselves.

The solution is simple. We need our natural medicines *regularly*

Unique Method

YPA Method

YPA Method is designed to bring the most essential natural medicines together:
  • High-Variety Movement for Healthy Body
  • Novelty for Active Brain
  • Play for Happy Self

  High-Variety Movement
We spend time sitting still more than at any other time in human history...

So what?
According to the Mayo Clinic, an analysis of 13 studies concluded that “Those who sat for more than 8 hours a day with no physical activity had a risk of dying similar to the risks of dying caused by obesity and smoking.”
What to do?

Over the last ten thousand years, our lifestyles have changed drastically. However, our bodies have not. To survive, they still need their food: movement. To thrive, the food should be consistent and high in nutrition: high-variety movement. Considering that sitting-still is one of our most-practiced skills, we can all agree that we must move more. However, moving more by itself is not enough. In fact, when it's perceived in a wrong way, such as repetitive or over-exercising, it can be harmful.
From my journey…

I spent years almost solely practicing yoga asana which is by its nature a push-dominant practice. Over time, constant, unvarying and repetitive way of moving my body caused some muscular imbalances. My upper body had suffered the most from this.
If you’re a yoga practitioner, you might have heard about “yoga butt” already. It is an irritation or inflammation of the hamstring tendons at their attachment site on the ischial tuberosity (the sitting bone). One of the reasons why it is common among yoga practitioners is that we do A LOT of hamstring stretching and not necessarily an equivalent amount of strengthening. When I was a newbie yoga practitioner with very little knowledge, l didn’t intentionally add hamstring strengthening exercises into my routine and ended up having a yoga butt on my right side. To this day, my right side is always more sensitive.
YPA Method

If we want to enjoy a more sustainable state of well-being, we need regular high-variety movement: diverse training styles that use three planes of motion and creative patterns. YPA Method benefits from a wide range of training styles including: Strength Training, Mobility Training, Yoga, Stretching, Endurance Training, Mind-Body Connection, Meditation & Breathwork.

Neuroscientists suggest that having regular novel experiences is essential to a healthy, active brain which is a must for a long, happy life...

Okay, but, what is an active brain?
As the neuroscientist David Eagleman puts it: Think of the brain as a toolbox. If it’s a good toolbox, you have all the tools you need. Even if you don’t have a specific tool, you can find an alternative. It’s the same idea in an active, cognitively-fit brain.
What's even greater is that we can make our brain more active and cognitively-fit!

Combining different physical and mental novel activities, and challenging the body and the mind is a great way to increase the brain’s cognitive reserve. Cognitive Reserve (CR) is the brain’s ability to find alternative ways to optimize performance. It is a concept that is crucial for brain health because it protects us against diseases like Alzheimer’s. See Also: The Nun Study
YPA Method

Learning new skills, exercising in variety, leaving our comfort zone, and playing should be a *regular* thing if we were to keep our brains in top shape. With YPA Method Sessions, we will do all of them once a week!

In the book “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”, the author Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, suggests that the opposite of play is depression...

What is play?
When we take part in an act that is purposeless, voluntary, free from time and a sense of self, we play.
The habit of play doesn’t only turn us into happier people but also more creative ones…

In one study at North Dakota State University, two groups of adults were given a series of creative tasks. Only one group was told: “Do the task like you’re a 7-year-old” As a result, the group that had been instructed to think like 7-year-olds had about 30% more creative output than the “adults.”

Because when we think like a 7-year-old, we're allowing ourselves to play. We’re exploring. We’re not worrying about the outcome. We’re in the game. But we're not 7-year-olds in life...
As with everything else, practice is what makes us better at playing. We can be playful whenever we want if we practice the skill regularly.
Play is a big part of YOGA & PLAY ACADEMY STUDIO — aka YPA STUDIO...

Every week, during YPA Method Sessions, we will do lots of body and object play.

Combining the three medicines in a simple yet effective way,
YPA Method unlocks a multitude of benefits that enable you to feel your best.

  • Confidence In Your Body
  • Better Physical Performance
  • Higher Quality Breathing
  • Greater Cognitive Skills
  • Increased Focus & Energy
  • Optimal Mind & Body Aging
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Better Mental & Emotional Well-being

How I created YPA Method

Throughout my journey both as a committed yoga practitioner and a teacher,
I've realized that the traditional way of practicing yoga (neither weightlifting nor other exercise styles in isolation) does not provide human beings with the complete care they need to live and age happily and healthily.

After many years of paying attention to the problems and injuries my students and I are facing, educating myself on biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, and body-brain connection, I set on a mission to develop my own method.

 What enables a human body and brain to function better?
What makes a human body and mind age well?
What contributes to the happiness of a human?

While digging into lots of research chasing answers to the questions above, we tested out the unique exercises I created with my 12 weekly private students for 4 weeks. The results were very exciting!

YPA Method is simple yet effective. It combines different training styles with movement and brain science to provide you with the extensive care you need to feel your best!

Strength Training | Mobility Training | Yoga | Stretching | Endurance Training | 
Mind-Body Connection | Meditation & Breathwork

Extensive Care


You don't need hundreds of sessions to feel confused, waste time and energy figuring out what to practice.

What you need is:


YPA PLAN provides your body, mind and self with the extensive care they need on a weekly basis. It comes with an easy-to-follow schedule that consists of three pre-recorded 15-60 minute sessions every week.



Yoga Workouts, Workouts with Weights, Cardio Workouts, Yoga Asana Practice, Skill Training, Challenges.
  • Build muscle and strength
  • Enhance resilience and injury prevention 
  • Explore the world of yoga asana
  • Witness and harness the power of breath 



Stretching Routines, Mobility Training, Meditative Flows
  • Gain healthy and sustainable flexibility
  • Improve joint health to live & age well
  • Get rid of chronic aches and pain
  • Relieve stress and anxiety



Unique YPA Method Sessions that combine different training styles with body-brain mapping drills while introducing novelty and play into movements.
  • Enhance cognitive skills
  • Improve control and awareness of the body
  • Become free from time and a sense of self
  • Boost focus and creativity
  • Feel happier!

One Stop

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Yoga studio,
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I am the founder of YOGA & PLAY ACADEMY and the creator of YPA Method.

I started my movement journey by practicing yoga asana at home with YouTube. I fell in love with the practice of handstands and became a self-taught handstand practitioner/enthusiast. Then, I decided to take a step further and became a certificated yoga teacher.

I shared my journey on Instagram, started a YouTube channel to teach online, and traveled around Europe organising workshops to share a practice space with beautiful people.

In the recent years, I committed to expanding my knowledge beyond yoga asana and started educating myself on biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology and neuroscience.

I am ever-learning and always eager to share my learnings with you all! 

That's why now is the time... I am taking the leap and starting my online studio.

YPA Studio is coming soon!
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Unique Method. Extensive Care. One Stop.

Because when you feel better, EVERYTHING is better.
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