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Hey! I am Selen Yesilada.

I started my movement journey by practicing yoga asana at home, following instructors online. I fell in love with the practice of handstands and became a self-taught handstand practitioner/enthusiast. Then, I decided to take a step further and became a certificated yoga teacher.

I shared my journey on Instagram, started a YouTube channel to teach online, and traveled around Europe organising workshops to share a practice space with beautiful people.

Further on my journey, I committed to expanding my knowledge beyond yoga asana and started educating myself on other movement disciplines, including strength and mobility training.

If the practice of yoga asana, like arm balances, inversion or handstands, excites you, I recommend you THE PRACTICE OF YOGA ASANA.

If you're looking for an exercise routine that provides you with extensive care, including yoga, strength training, mobility training, stretching, BOOST is perfect for you.

If you're looking for something short-term, like a movement challenge, that you can do over and over again, that is rich in variety of movement styles, MOVE EVERY MORNING is your jam.

In case you have any questions or concern regarding the movement programs, send me a message by clicking here.

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